Jasper based Loops

Jasper based Loops

Jasper based Loops

Twisted lady

The Twisted Lady route takes you through the route Bell Star used to visit Frank and Jesse James and her lover Cole Younger. See the Elk Heard and stop at the Gaither Mountain overlook.

Jasper disaster

Good shorter route to see the Elk Heard and Gaither Mountain Overlook.

Moonshine Run

Visit the three Grand Canyon overlooks, the Elk Heard and the Gaither mounting Overlook.

Arkansas Grand Canyon Run

This is the Longest Grand Canyon route we have. It takes you through the best part of the “Arkansas at its Best” route all the way back around to Gaither Mountain and back to Jasper.

Mountain Home – Pedestal Rock Loop

This takes you out to explore the lower Buffalo River area where you will go past the famous Pedestal rock.

Jaspers Grand Dragon Tail

This short ride you will see the best part of the Dragon and the highest, deepest part of the Ozarks, the Arkansas Grand Canyon.

Jesse James’s Hideout

Following the Jesse Jamess tradition of living on the edge this route takes you down the Dragon back up the Arkansas Grand Canyon, Back down the road Frank and Jesse often hid out from the law and back up to see the majestic Elk Heard in Boxely Valley.

Jaspers Pig Trail Loop

This Route has us go down through the Grand Canyon and back up the Whole Pig Trail.

Slay the Dragon

Here you get on the Arkansas Dragon and back up through the Elk Heard. If you leave early you should do this route going to Boxley Valley first as you can see the Elk Heard most cool mornings.

Ride the Buffalo

Stay on pavement and pass over the Buffalo River four times. Also pass through Elk country and see most of the Grand Canyon.

Scenic Loop

These roads are all good! More rolling Flowing roads that are fun in anything with wheels. You will see the Grand Canyon on this route.

Jasper Thrill Ride

These roads are all good! This is most of the remaining Arkansas Roads near Jasper that you haven’t ridden but are still a must!

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