Boxley Bridge

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35.96097021481313, -93.40398635504822

Boxley Bridge Put-IN

Boxley is the first official put-in on the “Buffalo River National Park”. Though not the beginning of the Buffalo River, the first put-in is more than 16 miles upstream at a little place called Dixon Ford. Boxley does see some class 3 rapids if you go when the water is on the higher side. This float would be considered a more advanced float. If you have been in a kayak or canoe before and feel fairly confident this would be a challenge. May not be the best float for your first time.

There is a dirt road (9560) on the East side of Hwy 21 where you can park but it’s a bit more of a steep walk to load and unload canoes or kayaks. Unload on the other side of the road or the other side of the river. But be courteous and park on the dirt road so others can load and unload.

You would want to park your shuttle car at Ponca for a 6 mile float or Steel Creek for a 8.7 mile float.

Class Rating


Length to next put in/take out

6 miles

Time to next put in/take out

2:45 hours

USGS Gage to watch:

Boxley Gauge

Current Gage Level

Gage Level and condition of float

  • Minimum level: 3.8 – 4
  • Optimal level: 4.1 – 5.71
  • Maximum level: 8

Best times of year:

October through June or after a good rain.

Camping Facilities:

None – You can always camp along the banks of the river though.


Co Rd 9560, Kingston, AR 72742

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