This Cave page is far from representative of the amount of caves in Arkansas. There are over 500 documented Caves just on the Buffalo River Park System. They are all over the place but the Park services have shut almost all of the public ones down that are big enough to house bats because of “White-Nose Syndrome”. It’s a bummer for us and a big bummer for the bats as it ends up waking them up and they starve to death, so please respect the Park Services wish and don’t enter closed caves. The only Cave near us happens to be the best one anyway, it is the cave at Lost Valley. My Kids have been doing this hike since they were babies and we had them in backpacks. Bring a headlamp or flashlight! This is my favorite hike I’ve ever been on, not only in Arkansas but in the US. It has so many features for such a short hike and is still a bit rugged. No Sidewalks, no hand rails, hop over the waterfall, crawl in the cave, and get wet!

There are some cool smaller caves or really Bluff Shelters along the trail system at Buffalo Point. It’s near Buffalo Point on the Indian Rock House Trail. Indian Rock house Cave being the most popular, Indian Rock house Sink, Panther Cave, Twenty-Nine and a Half Cave, Forest Trail Pit, Bullet Cave, and Sinkhole Icebox are all waiting to be explored for free.

There are also many smaller Cave and bluff dwelling areas in the Ozark-St Francis National Forest. Pedestal Rock and Alum Cove being two of the better ones.

Natural Bridge Waterfall (Lost Valley)

Waterfall in Eden Falls Cave (Lost Valley)

GPS: 36.01716, -93.38658

Natural Bridge (Lost Valley)

GPS: 36.01507, -93.38504

Cob Cave (Lost Valley)

GPS: 36.01534, -93.38573

There are many paid caves and caverns available in the Northwest Arkansas area. Ill list a few of the nmes here in case you want to google the names and research them further. War Eagle Cavern, Mystic Caverns, Onyx Cave, Blanchard Springs Cave, and Cosmic Cavern (has the largest cave lake), Bull Shoals Caverns, and Old Spanish Treasure Cave.

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