Lost Valley – Eden Falls

Lost Valley – Eden Falls

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Parking GPS: 36.010314054852216, -93.37454086120323


We have done this hike no less than 40 times. My favorite hike. The waterfall in the cave is a must see! This is a trail that just keeps on giving.

Trail begins and ends at Lost Valley Campground just off Highway 43 between Boxley and Ponca.  Probably the best maintained trail in the Buffalo River area. Discover the “Siamese Beeches”, two trees that have grown together over the years; the “Jigsaw Blocks”, stunning natural bridge with Cobb Cave which is a giant overhang you can walk back into.  For a challenge hike up well kept trail to upper and lower Eden Falls, which are absolutely beautiful.  Great photo ops but be aware the rocks near the falls can be slippery.  The most adventurous will want to bring a flash light, at top of the upper Eden Falls trail there is a path into a hidden cave.  You will need to crawl a short way either up through the spring or through narrow path with a couple of squeeze spots.  If you can do it the reward is amazing, it opens up into a large room with a 35 foot waterfall flowing into it from the ceiling of cave.  Dogs are not allowed on this trail.

Rating 5+


Lost Valley Trailhead, Lost Valley Rd, Kingston, AR 72742

Falls gps

36.01752, -93.38730

Cave GPS

36.01749, -93.38735

Natural Bridge

36.01507, -93.38504

Hike distance

2.3 mile

Distance jasper

16 miles, 27 minutes



Elevation Change




Lost Valley - Eden Falls

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