Museum & Historical Sites

Check out some of the Museum & Historical Sites in the area

Museum – The Bradley House in Jasper, Arkansas, (get directions here)

  • Was the former home of Dr. and Mrs. W.A. Bradley complete with a doctor’s office, tool room, school room and some military items. The tool room has a section of the WW2 plan that crashed on the round top mountain.  The Bradley House offers an impressive array of historical artifacts and is a treasure trove for those interested in the town’s rich history. They have a website that goes into more detail. It’s free to go through but they do work on donations. They ask for a $3 donation or you can become a member for only $20 dollars a year.

Historical Marker – Arkansas Marble in Washington’s Monument (get direction here)

  • The marker reads: “This marker commemorates the Arkansas marble in Washington’s Monument taken by Beller and Harp Bros. from this hill in 1836.” The block of marble (with” Arkansas” chiseled on it), along with other memorial stones, is located on the 30-foot level of the Washington Monument.

Historical Marker – Newton County Civil War Marker, Newton County Veterans Memorial and Newton County, County Seat Marker (get directions here)

  • All these markers are all around the courthouse in Jasper Arkansas. Several military actions took place in Newton County during the Civil War.

Historical Marker – WW2 1948 site of B-25 bomber crash. Check out our page on Round Top

  • This is on a hike right outside of Jasper, Arkansas. Its on the “lower loop” of the Round Top hike.  Our page has more info on it so go over and check it out. The Bradley Museum has part of the plane in it.

Historical Marker – Ozark Cafe (get directions here)

  • Accross the street is on the list National register of historic places as well. Depending on who you ask, it’s said to be either the oldest or second oldest restaurant in the state.

Old Historical Log Cabin – Parker – Hickman Farmstead Check out our page here

  • This is probably the best old cabin. This is a historic Farmstead listed on the nation Register of Historic Places.  This homestead was built by the Parker brothers in the 1800’s. You can go inside this cabin.

Old Historical Log Cabin – Villines Homestead trail Check out our page here

  • A relative of my wife, Jim “Beaver” Villines, a fur trader and trapper built this Homestead around 1880. You can NOT go inside this cabin.

    Old Historical Log Cabin – Shaddox Cabin Directions to it here

    • Used to be down the Mill Creek hiking trail but you can easily get to it right off Pruit-Yardell road. You can go inside this cabin.

    Old Historical Log Cabin – Granny Smith Cabin Directions to the Trailhead here

    • This is going to be a 6-mile round trip hike. And it’s mostly uphill on the way back. But a cool little, less traveled to cabin. You can go inside this cabin.

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