Buffalo and Ozark Fishing

We have at least 9 smaller lakes and over 127 rivers/streams to fish in.

 With around 127 streams or rivers its hard to know where the best fishing is. Below are two of the largest Rivers in our area you won’t want to miss fishing in.

  1. Buffalo River –  See our Buffalo River floating “put-ins” to find the easy access locations and driving directions to the best fishing spots on the Nations first National River.
  2. Little Buffalo River – The best spot here is downtown Jasper at the Jasper Park – Directions here


We have 9 Smaller Lakes or larger ponds to fish in the area:

  1. Edwards Lake Latitude: 36.1150742°N Longitude: -93.206845°W
  2. Fowler Lake Latitude: 35.9535621°N Longitude: -93.4160931°W
  3. Hurricane Laker Latitude: 35.9041269°N Longitude: -92.9642762°W
  4. Lower Hurricane Lake Latitude: 35.9262721°N Longitude: -92.9634093°W
  5. Mill Creek Hollow Reservoir Latitude: 36.075075°N Longitude: -93.136843°W
  6. North & South Pond Latitude: Info Here 36.0550756°N Longitude: -93.1798994°W
  7. South & North Pond Latitude: Info Here 36.053409°N Longitude: -93.1785105°W
  8. Sycamore Lake Latitude: 35.9262721°N Longitude: -92.9634093°W
  9. Weatherby Lake Latitude: 36.0302847°N Longitude: -93.2419094°W

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