Elk Tags at the Elk Fest

Check out the Buffalo River Elk Fest for information on how to get an Elk Tag.

Every year folks round here get together annually the last full weekend of June, this award-winning festival celebrates the successful reintroduction of elk to Newton County where elk tags are selected and announced. My wife and I have been to 15 of the 24 festivals. 

Best Hunting Spots in Newton County

First, practice shooting at the free, Shelton Point Shooting Range just South of Jasper (no hunting) managed by the Big Piney Ranger District. Direction here

Gene Rush WMA – 17652 acres just East of Jasper managed by Arkansas Game and Fish.

Buffalo River WMA just North, East and West of Jasper, managed by the National Park Service along with Arkansas Game and Fish
License and info: Arkansas Game and Fish and National Park Service

Ozark-St Francis National Forest, managed by Arkansas Game and Fish along with the U.S Forest Service to the south of Jasper incudes:
Piney Creek WMA – License and info 

White Rock WMA – License and info
Bearcat Hollow WMA – License and info
Sweden Creek Natural Area WMA – License and info

These wilderness areas are within the Ozark-St Francis National Forest Hunting may be handled differently as many recreational activities occur with these areas:
Richland Creek Wilderness
Hurricane Creek Wilderness
Upper Buffalo Wilderness

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