BRT – Buffalo River Trail

BRT – Buffalo River Trail


The Buffalo River Trail “BRT” is a multi-day adventure of backpacking, challenging hiking and trail camping.  This upper section or western end of the trail begins in the beautiful Boxley valley and ends near picnic area at Pruitt.   It’s considered one of the best challenging backpacking adventures in Mid-America.  Open year around, in this approximate 36 miles you will experience superior scenic beauty, opportunity to encounter wildlife, waterfalls and the chance to visit historic homestead remnants.  The eastern end of the trail is from Woolum Ford to Dillard’s Ferry and connects with the Ozark Highland’s Trail. Dogs allowed from Ponca to Steel Creek section if you would like to bring your furry friend along for part of your hike.

Rating 4.5


AR-21, Kingston, AR 72742 (from Boxley) you can start from Ponca, Steel Creek, Kyles Landing, Erbie, Ozark and end in Pruitt.

Total Hike distance

36.3 Miles

Boxey Trail

11 miles

Ponca to Steel Creek

2.3 miles

Steel Creek to Kyles

7.9 miles

Kyles to Erbie

7.4 miles

Erbie to Ozark

6.7 miles

Ozark to Pruitt

2.6 miles

distance jasper

10-40 minutes



Elevation Change




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