Car Wash Falls

Car Wash Falls

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Parking GPS: 35.704811640886284, -93.25518844545681


This falls is the most common falls people drive to incorrectly. If you have a higher 2-wheel drive, then the only way to get to the falls is from the south. I get it… But if you have an off-road vehicle you need to get here from the North (we usally come down 7410). Nature designed this to drive in from the North so you can get your off-road vehicle muddy in all the mud pits near the Hanging Tree. Then head to the falls and wash your Jeep off.

This is the easiest and one of the most unique waterfalls ever. On Co Rd 5881. Dogs are allowed.

Rating 5


Co Rd 5881, Hagarville, Arkansas 72839

Feature GPS

35.70529, -93.25474

Hike distance


Distance jasper

42.4 miles, 1 hour





carwash falls

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