Eye of the Needle from Kyles Campground

Eye of the Needle from  Kyles Landing Campground

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Lots of trails intersect this trail.

Start this hike from Kyles Landing Campground. As you drive into the campground go all the way to the left. Once you start hiking, take the second left, then left, and then another left towards Indian Creek. You will follow the creek up to the falls. I would stay on the lower trail in or along the river. This hike has many paths off of the main trail. Take a picture of the trail map at the entrance!

The Eye Of The Needle hike is one of the most scenic and diverse hikes in the Ozarks. But also one of the harder hikes. This hike includes many cascading and puchbowl style waterfalls, caves, rock formations, rock climb with a rope, and a beautiful overlook. That’s right, a ROCK climb with a rope. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go up it to enjoy this hike. Once you start hiking up the river it gets good.  Anyone from a beginner to an avid hiker can find something to enjoy on this hike. The climb up the rope is steep. Once reaching the top, you’ll be at the cave. When facing outward (looking out towards the waterfall/forest), the cave to the Eye is to the right. There is a small tunnel to walk through, it is another 0.25 of a mile to the Eye. 

Ive taken a lower path and a higher path when along the Indian Creek. I would say the lower path is a bit easier and a whole lot more exciting.

I would rate this a solid 4.6


Indian Creek Trail – Buffalo River, AR-21, Jasper, AR 72641

Needle Falls

36.029177725841535, -93.28620073128835

Hike distance

4.6 miles

Distance to Jasper

7.7 miles or 18 minutes


Moderate to Hard



Min Elev 907, Max Elev 1520, Ascent 1034, Descent 1009

Indian Creek- Eye of Needle

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