Sams Throne

Sams Throne

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Parking GPS: 35.87522776948448, -93.04747570743082

Trailhead is in the Campground. Lots of confusing trails here as this is a popular rock-climbing area, as a matter of fact probably the most popular rock-climbing area within a few states. Bring the downloaded map of this hike on your phone. Would be a good idea to bring long Pants and bug spray as well. Great views on this hike even if you aren’t rock-climbing.

Sam’s Throne is named for Sam Davis, buffalo hunter and firebrand evangelist who in the 1800’s would climb to the top of the sandstone butte to preach his brimstone to the valley below. As for the legends of the area, from Old Sam to moonshine, may not be true, the one thing that is fact is the steep abundance of high-grade sandstone for rock climbing. To get to Sams Throne from the north, take Highway 7 south out of Jasper. Five miles south of Jasper, go east on Highway 374. Follow it for seven miles, then turn south on Highway 123. Follow Highway 123 through Mt. Judea, and then go five more miles to the entrance to the Sams Throne Recreation Area. Watch for the sign on your right.

In addition to the “Throne”, this portion of the Ozark National Forest is home to several different climbing areas with 100s of routes and has become “the place to come” for rock climbing enthusiasts.

Rating 4.4


Sam’s Throne, Mt Judea, AR 72655

Feature GPS

35.87069   -93.05245

Hike distance

1.2-3.4 of a mile

Distance jasper

19 miles or 31 mintes



Dog Friendly


sams throne

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