The Glory Hole


The Glory Hole


The Glory Hole has to be one of the weirdest waterfalls ever. It started out eons ago like many Ozark waterfalls, just a creek spilling out over a big sandstone ledge. But over the millenia, this ‘little creek that could’ eroded a hole all the way through the ledge. Now the waterfall starts up above the ledge and pours down through the hole into the large shelter cave below the ledge. Glory Hole’s ‘cool factor’ plus the fact that it is a relatively easy hike makes it a popular location

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Glory Hole Falls Trailhead, Glory Hole Falls Trail, Ozone, AR 72854

Parking gps

35.82838, -93.39050

Feature GPS

35.82210, -93.39352

Hike distance

1.9 mile

Distance jasper

30 miles and 39 minutes



Dog friendly


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