The Glory Hole

The Glory Hole

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Parking GPS: 35.82857106569274, -93.39033562760373


Lots of parking but this is a busy hike. You can Park on the top on Hwy 16 or you could drive down a bit if you brought your 4 wheel drive. Keep in mind this is a small rough road so I wouldn’t drive it if it’s a busy weekend as there isn’t really room for two vehicles or vehicles and people.

The Glory Hole is an absolute marvel, defying all expectations of a typical waterfall. It transcends the realm of ordinary waterfalls and enters the realm of sheer wonder.

Centuries ago, the creek, cascading over a colossal sandstone ledge. Through countless ages, it chiseled away, carving a passage that pierced the ledge itself. Now the waterfall descends from high above, gracefully pouring through the magnificent hole and showering the vast shelter cave below with a spray. The Glory Hole is more than just a waterfall.

Like all waterfalls its best after a rain but still cool without much water. I have pictures below of it with and without much water. Next time we go will be in winter as its also really cool looking with icicles cascading down the falls.

I would rate this hike a 5


Glory Hole Falls Trailhead, Glory Hole Falls Trail, Ozone, AR 72854

Feature GPS

35.82210, -93.39352

Hike distance

1.9 mile



Distance jasper

30 miles and 39 minutes

Dog friendly


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