Triple Falls

Triple Falls

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Parking GPS: 36.05667146516787, -93.25761159354617


This is a must do hike, a true gem for the entire family! Its only 0.35 miles in a thrilling roundtrip. No real elevation change to speak of unless you go to the top.

Prepare to be captivated by a mesmerizing waterfall that radiates pure coolness above and below. Fed by a natural spring above, two of its cascades flow throughout the year, displaying nature’s unwavering beauty almost all year long. But it is when the rain graces the earth that the third waterfall awakens, adding a touch of magic to the already amazing scene.

The hike to the top is a little harder than the one to the bottom as you come into the lower side. But it is worth the short hike to the top to see the spring come out of the mountain. Be careful, as it can be dangerous. Like most of the raw, beautiful areas in this part of the country, there are no sidewalks or rails blocking up the scenery or keeping you safe.

This is pound for pound the most reward for the lest output.

Note: Many locals still call this falls “Twin Falls” as most of the year there is only two falls. Only after a good rain is there the third falls. The name “Triple Falls” has gained popularity because of the confusion with “Twin Falls” in Richland

Head towards Kyles Landing Campground, then take the left at the “Camp Orr” sign. The parking is right before you enter Camp Orrs property. Last time we went there was only a small sign that said “waterfall”.


Camp Orr Rd, Jasper Ar

Falls gps

36.05482536859165, -93.25808195234356

Hike distance

.35 of a mile

Distance jasper

7.7 miles 20 minutes

Rating 5+ (This is a must do trail)





Triple Falls

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