Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs

Beaver town bridge AKA Eureka springs loop

Ride over the only suspension bridge in Arkansas. Often referred to as the “Little Golden Gate Bridge” or the “Golden Gate of the Ozarks,” spans over the White River at Table Rock Lake. Built in 1949 

Hwy 103 Ride

This route takes you up to see a little bit of the Missouri Ozarks. Roaring River state parks and Dogwood canyon.

Peel Ferry Ride

The greatest feature of this route is in the name. Something pretty cool about taking your vehicle on a boat. Even better, it’s free. Oh yeah, there’s the tourist hub Branson on the route as well for shopping and shows.

War Eagle Ride

Cool short trip that drops into Hobs state park. It’s a beautiful site. Cool historic mill you can get out and stretch your legs and learn a bit about.

Dragons Tail (Eureka Loop)

This ride runs south to the second most popular road in Arkansas. The Arkansas Dragon is second only to the Pig Trail but arguable as good.

Route 3

Over the Little Golden Gate Bridge, Withrow Springs State park and Artist Point on hwy 49 just before Fort Smith.

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