Jasper and Eureka Rides

Jasper and Eureka Rides

Jasper and Eureka Rides

Hog Trail loop

This ride has the best part of the Pig Trail and the Arkansas Grand Canyon on the same ride.

Pig trail loop (Fayetteville, Jasper to Eureka)

The famous Pig Trail (#2 road in America according to USA Today) and Arkansas Grand Canyon.

Grand Dragon loop from Eureka

This has you riding the Dragon and then wrapping around to the best views in the Ozarks, the Arkansas Grand Canyon.

Goldwing/Highway 21 loop

Flow through Boxley Valley and see some Elk in the morning then back around up through The Arkansas Grand Canyon.

The Jasper loop / Ride the buffalo

This takes you in the heart of elk country where if you go through on a cool morning you are almost certain to see some Elk. Be careful as they have been known to cross the road and aren’t going to run from you like a deer.

The whole hog ferry loop

This is an awesome multi-day trip! Part of the Pig trail, Part of the Dragon, Lots of Elk, Lots of Forest, some bridges and a Ferry ride to top it off. If you only had two days left to live, do this route.

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